For the 2011-2015 grant cycles, we will focus our resources on the following TWO areas:

EDUCATION:  We offer support to public, private and church-based schools.  We want to help create programs which will assist people who are dedicated to improving their condition, but who need additional resources to accomplish their goals.  Specific areas of interest are: 
  • Capital improvements which create better learning facilities
  • Innovative academic and support programs which target specific populations
  • The application of new technology in education
  • Increasing exposure to the liberal arts, by supporting visual and performing arts programs
  • Inquiry-based science programs
  • Vocational training programs
  • Before/after school programs

LAND CONSERVATION:  We want to help preserve natural eco-systems, and support sustainability and best-practice programs in agriculture. Specific areas of interest are:
  • Assisting Land Trusts to acquire land and conservation easements
  • Promoting programs which will allow farmers and ranchers to remain on their land and use it in a responsible, sustainable manner
  • Supporting local nature preserves and community gardens  

The Adams Legacy Foundation was established in 2005 to foster a commitment to philanthropy in the founder’s heirs and succeeding generations.  We are a family foundation which seeks to leverage its investments for the future.  Our goal is to create supportive relationships with dynamic non-profit organizations to enable them to build their capacity and assist them in accomplishing their core programs.  In pursuit of this goal, we will consider supporting facilities expansion projects, ongoing operation and program expenses, and leadership development/organization improvement initiatives.  We will also consider program related investments, matching grants and endowments.